Reasons why I Love Autumn

Hello everyone,

Today’s blog post is all about why I love autumn.Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year.I don’t think there’s anything that I don’t like about it.So now lets get on with everything that I love about it.

1)The colourful leaves all over the ground (This hasn’t started happening yet but I’m SO excited for it to)

2)Watching movies with my family when the fire’s lit and being wrapped up in warm blankets

3)Burning autumn scented candles (I just ran out of the only autumnal one I had so I need to buy some more)

4)Changing my home screen wallpapers to autumn themed wallpapers14423790_881131152021729_596315037_o

5)Wearing autumnal clothes,scarves,hats and gloves.I love the colour scheme of autumn clothes.


6)Wearing fluffy jumpers,dressing gowns and cosy PJ’s14466221_881131082021736_1049106745_o

7)Drinking hot chocolate,I basically drink this all year round but it feels more cosy around autumn time.I also love this cup because it has owls on it so this just makes it even more great!


8)Dressing my dog in autumnal coloured clothes.He looks so cute and I think these colours look really nice on him to be honest.Please excuse his white hairs on his jumper,he’s a jackrussell so he sheds hair a lot (fun fact for you all)14454532_881131078688403_1368751808_n

9)Sitting by the fire watching TV,Most likely watching the soaps or the Xfactor.That’s another thing I like about this time of the year..The Xfactor is back on TV (YAY).14408108_881131148688396_35233813_o

10)Reading books all cosy inside probably with my dog asleep beside me14408259_881131135355064_1056734927_o

11)Baking,I absolutely love baking.It’s so much fun and I love eating it so what’s not to love.I also love how the smell goes through the house and makes it smell so nice.img_4707-1

So that is all of the pictures that I have to show you but I also love pumpkins but we don’t buy them until it gets closer to Halloween which is another thing I love about this time of the year.I also love fireworks that get set off around Halloween.I love EVERYTHING about Halloween.

I actually do the majority of this stuff all year round but I thought I’d share it with you all anyways

So thank you all for reading,I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you all soon,

Ciara X

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