My Rescue Dog Chaz

Hi everyone,

You may or may not know that I am a complete and utter dog person.I love dogs,maybe even a bit more than humans at times so I thought that it was about time that I introduced my other dog Chaz to you all.I’ve already wrote a post introducing Rossa so now it’s time for you to all get to know Chaz.

I got Chaz way before Rossa.I adopted her from a dog shelter in 2012,I went to the local dog Shelter one day after school with my mum and my brothers Shayne and Rikki and there I saw her.All of the other dogs were jumping up in their kennels barking and crying but Chaz was just sitting in the corner by herself with her head facing down and she looked so lonely and sad.I knew then that she was the one for me and I had to bring her home.

Chaz is 5 years old.The lady’s at the dog shelter suggested the name Julie but I thought to myself “No way does my girl look like a Julie,she needed something quirky and unique just like herself”.My mum came up with her name Chaz,after Chaz from Emmerdale.It’s not your typical dog name but Chaz isn’t a typical dog.We aren’t certain of Chaz’s breed,we think maybe a highland terrier but we’ll never be sure,it doesn’t really matter though what breed she is.She’s such a friendly dog so that’s all that’s matters.

When we first got Chaz she was in a really bad state.She couldn’t keep any food down,she was so so sad and neglected my heart broke for her but 5 years later she is the happiest dog you ever did see.She knows she’s loved and she loves life.She could play fetch all day if she could and she loves swimming.Whenever I bring her down the canal the first thing she does is jump into the water – I think her main aspiration in life is to become a fish.

She also loves going on really long walks through the fields where we live,she could run for hours through the fields and she loves finding big puddles to lie down in while out on walks.

Chaz’s hair gets so fluffy so I’m the summer we get her shaved so that she doesn’t get too warm but I’m the winter we let it grow back so that it she doesn’t get too cold because she’s not really like Rossa in the sense that she doesn’t really like wearing jackets or anything like that.

When we got Rossa Chaz automatically made him feel welcome. She took him under her wing like he was her own and now she treats him like her son. It’s really cute to watch them play together she is so gentle with him and she knows to be careful not to hurt him. She wasn’t jealous of him are anything like that because Charles really isn’t that kind of dog, she gets on with every dog and she just doesn’t have any anger in her at all. She such a grateful dog and she really loves life.

I’m going to finish off this blog post here because otherwise I can honestly keep writing forever. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Chaz and her story.


finish off this blog post here because otherwise I can honestly keep writing forever. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Chaz and her story.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara X

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