Love Makes The World Go Round

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog post is all about love, it’s not only loving yourself but also the people and the world around you.The world is already full of so much violence,hate and anger so why would you want to add to it? Little acts of kindness can change somebody’s whole day.I’m not saying you have to like everyone you meet,that’s probably not likely to happen but you still have a choice.When you wake up in the morning you can either add some good to the world or you can take some good away from the world. 

I choose love.I choose to be kind to everyone I meet because you never know what troubles they might have of their own.I love my family, I love the little things in life,I love places I’ve never been,I give a smile to those who look like they need one.I don’t talk badly of people because what would that achieve?

The world needs more respect for others,more kindness,more gratitude,more love. I don’t hate anyone because the only person that hatred hurts is you. I learned to let go. Let go of everyone who’s ever done something to hurt you, let go of those who don’t value you enough and let go of the negativity. 

Don’t try to change people,accept them as they are. The world needs more acceptance,less judgement and more selfless acts of kindness. 

Do you all things with love because without love,what has the world got?

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X

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