Book Review:You’re The One That I Want By Giovanna Fletcher

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Today I have another book review and this book is called “You’re The One That I Want” by Giovanna Fletcher. I thoroughly enjoyed this book so I really wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.


I finish this book so quickly, it was such a page turner because it really is the kind of book that sends your mind into overdrive questioning what’s going to happen next. I love the story line and I found it really interesting to read about when they were younger and watch their relationships grow throughout the years from primary school to secondary school and then on to university. I was overjoyed when Maddy and Rob became a couple, I was hoping that they would from the beginning because I just thought they were perfect for each other. I will admit I was heartbroken when it was revealed that Rob cheated on Maddy because I was not expecting it at all I felt it was so out of character and I just did not think it was something that Robs character would do if anything I thought that Maddy would have been the one to cheat but I obviously I was wrong. I do think this took away from the magic of the story for a while but with that being said when they overcame it,it did show how strong they were as a couple and it also showed that they were obviously meant to be together from the beginning.

I am however very happy with how everything works out in the end. I was never a fan of ‘Team Ben’, I don’t think that Maddy and Ben would have been right together. I personally think it would have been all a bit weird. I was definitely team Rob all the way. I think they fit together perfectly. Their relationship survived hard times and they came through it all stronger. The way Rob proposed was so heartwarming really beautiful and it was just so perfect. It was clear in the story how much Maddie meant to Rob and that he really did love her. It really was a beautiful love story (if you forget about Robs idiotic mistake which was clear he totally regretted) but overall it was a really moving and infectious read. The characters were charming and witty. I love watching Rob and Maddys relationship grow.

Writing Style:

I loved how this book allowed us to read about the characters lives when they were young children and it carried on throughout their teenage years right up until they had children of their own. It really did broadcast well their whole lives together and it allowed us see their friendship form. It was really easy to follow along because at the beginning of each chapter it showed what age they were when this event in their lies was happening and it was just really enjoyable to read.

What’s the last book you read?

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