Book Review:Holding Up The Universe By Jennifer Niven

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Welcome back to my blog.Today I’m back with a book review.Jennifer Niven has done it again with another incredibly well written book,if you read my book review on Jennifer’s book “All The Bright Places” then you’ll know how much I loved that and how amazing I thought that was and this one has been just as good.So now let’s get on with a full in depth review.


Libby Strout is finally starting back in high school after the extremely tough time that she’s had since the death of her mum.Automatically everyone thinks they know her simply by looking at her.No one has ever look past her weight to find out who she really is and nobody has ever given her a chance.

Jack Masselin is portrayed as the “too cool for school” guy but Jack has a secret that nobody knows about and he’s been carrying it around with him for so long. He has never allowed himself to get too close to anybody because of the secret, at least that was until he met Libby and that is when their worlds collided and would never be the same again.


Jennifer has done an incredible job with this book and storyline. It is full of sensitivity to the topics written about. I found it so interesting to read about Jack’s condition because I had never heard of it before. I think that she handled it with great sensitivity and it was also really informative for others like myself who hadn’t heard that. I also love her at the back of the book in the synopsis it says that Libby wants to be the girl who can do anything and that is exactly how she was portrayed. Libby was a go-getter when she wanted something she went out and got it and she didn’t let anybody stand in her way. Libby really was such a strong character throughout the whole book. She really was one of those inspiring characters who left you an answer after you read about her, I found her story really inspiring and her journey following on from that. She didn’t let words get her down and she definitely didn’t at the opinions of others get in her way. Libby was one of those characters you’re just rooting for the whole way.

Jack on the other hand I grew to love what time. At first I thought he was a bit of a coward for just following the crowd and doing what his friends were doing. I found it infuriating how he wouldn’t take a stand and was just following the crowd like a sheep. I felt that Jack was quite lonely and angry until he met Libby. He felt like no one could understand him and that he couldn’t trust anyone enough to tell them what was going on.It was really nice to see him turning to Libby for support. Jack definitely is a character that you learn to love with a time as the story go on you see his character develop and as he opens up more you feel you can connect with him more.

By the end of the book I was really rooting for things to work out with both of the characters and you really do get on board with their stories and you just want them to find happiness. They both had their problems and struggles but it’s really heartwarming to watch them overcome them together. I also really admired Libby’s girl power she really did not need anybody else to lean on,she was more than capable of fighting her own battles and taking a stand for what she believed in which was one of the many things that I admired about her character and I love how Jennifer portrayed Libby she really was a warrior.

If you’re looking for something new to read then I would definitely recommend this book. It’s really refreshing and you really do get so involved in the story line and you’re just hoping everything will work itself out. I think the storyline tackled many important issues such as body shaming and bullying. I think that everyone can learn something from the story which is always a good thing once you finish a book.

Writing Style:

Jennifer’s writing style is so easy to follow. It really allows you to get to know both of the characters as individuals and learn more about their lives and stories the way the book is laid out. I love how it switches between Libby and Jacks story frequently and it keeps the story interesting.

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