Book Review:Girl In Pieces By Kathleen Glasgow

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Today I’m back with a book review.I feel like its bin a while since I’ve written a book blog post which I’m not sure why that is because I love writing about books and books that I have read,they’re probably one of my favourite blog posts to write actually so maybe I’ll start doing them more regularly.Today I going to be doing a review of “Girl In Pieces” by Kathleen Glasgow.This book is very different to what I’d usually read.It’s definitely a lot heavier emotionally wise.


Charlotte Davis is a 17-year-old girl who has already lost so much at such a young age. Charlie hurts herself to try and forget, to forget her father, to forget her best friend Ellis and to forget everything else that’s wrong in her life.Will Charlie ever live a normal life again?


The book starts off with Charlie in a mental health hospital. It starts off with Charlie talking about her wounds being bandaged up.We get an insight into her life in the hospital and the other girls that she is there with. Charlie doesn’t talk at first she becomes known as “Silent Sue” because nobody knows her real name.We slowly get introduced to the other girls that Charlie is there with such as Louisa and Blue. The story begins with Charlie in this mental health hospital but as the story goes on Charlie eventually gets released into the outside world which at first Charlie didn’t want to be released she liked the safety of the hospital walls around her, she like the routine, she felt safe in the hospital. She wasn’t ready for the unknown of the outside world but Charlie didn’t have much of a say in this decision,the doctors said that she was ready to leave so that’s what she had to do. Slowly we read about Charlie trying to get her life together in the outside world which isn’t all plain sailing,she meets Riley who she ends up falling  for but he couldn’t be any worse for her if he tried.He’s an alcoholic,he’s addicted to drugs and eventually he just ends up hurting himself and everybody else around him. Charlie finds a job and somewhere to live. She really does want to get better which is one of the things I like about Charlie,she has so many problems of her own and even with all of those problems she picks herself up and dusts herself off so many times which is quite admirable.No she doesn’t always get things right but she’s only human.She doesn’t just sit around feeling sorry for herself she really does try.

I liked how the story allowed us to get inside Charlie’s head. This really helped with my understanding of Charlies problems and it made me as the reader really connect with Charlie and understand her that little bit more. I will admit when I watched Charlie make some really bad decisions and when I watched how blind she was towards Riley it did annoy me as the reader because I was so badly rooting for her and I just really wanted things to go right for her and I knew as long as she was with Riley nothing would ever change for her but it’s not easy when you feel all alone in the world and you don’t have anyone else you can turn to for help.

The storyline was such a page turner because you never knew what way things were going to go. I watched Charlie invest her feelings more and more for Riley and I just didn’t know how things were going to end up. This kept me as the reader so invested in the storyline and I just didn’t want to put the book down.

Writing Style:

Girl and pieces was really well written. Each chapter was always a different length and sometimes it was only a few paragraphs but this kept it quite flowy and it kept the story moving. I really liked how it allowed us to get inside Charlies head and see the way that she was thinking and feeling.It was always easy to understand what was happening and although it was quite a long book there was always something happening and some gripping story that kept me wanting to read more and wanting to see what way things were going to end up. There were a few times in the book that I was questioning what was going to happen to Charlie and what path she was going to take because there was always an uncertainty if Charlie was strong enough to get her life on the right path.


Of course this is such a delicate subject but I think that Kathleen portrayed the story line really well through Charlie’s character and I as the reader was so invested in Charlie having a good life and I was rooting for her all the way. It is such an important and necessary read. Even if you’re like me and the usual book you go for is a happy ever after or a typical love story it is good to mix things up every now and again and I’m certainly glad I did that with this book.

So that’s my review of this book. I thoroughly enjoy it and I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on it.

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