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Today I thought I would do a blog post that could potentially help a few of you out. If you’re a beauty lover but can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the latest beauty products or just any beauty products in general that you need or want then hopefully this blog post will give you a few tips if you’re on a bit of a beauty budget or even if you’re just trying to save money in general then hopefully this blog post will help you out because I’ve put together a list of a few beauty products that are good quality yet still super affordable.

Simple Skincare:

Simple skincare is so affordable yet I feel it’s often overlooked because of how affordable it is. It is well known for its sensitive skin expertise but you don’t just have to have sensitive skin to be able to use these products. Lately I have started using a lot more products from this skincare range and I have had no problems with any of them so far. I do have sensitive skin but like I said even if you don’t have sensitive skin you can still use these because they are suited for more than one skin type. Here are a few products that I have started using and I’ve also included the prices just in case you’re interested. Boots also have amazing deals on at the moment with the skincare range and a lot of other skincare ranges so I would highly recommend heading over to the boots website if you are looking for some new skincare products because there is a great sale on at the moment.

-Cleansing Lotion €2.74

-Light Moisturiser €2.99

-Eye Balm €2.59

Facial Washes:

For facial wash as I thought I would include two different brands because they both have different qualities to their products and obviously not every brand suits the same person so I have a facial scrub by ‘Clean And Clear’ and I have a facial wash by ‘Anatomicals’. I have used both of these products myself and I personally have had no problems with them.I am particularly fond of the facial scrub by ‘Clean and Clear’,it’s so gentle on your skin that you can use it every day because it so gently exfoliates your skin.

-Clean And Clear Facial Scrub €5.76

-Anatomicals Facial Wash €6.50

Face Masks:

Even if you are on a beauty budget it still is nice to treat yourself with a face mask. I find face masks such a lovely treat to your skin and it really is important to treat yourself every now and again so I thought I would include two face masks that are really affordable yet still feel like a treat on your skin.

-L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask €10.00

-Simple Deep Cleansing Mask €2.74


And lastly I thought I would include a few make up products just in case you’re into make up but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a few products.I picked out a few make up products that are really great quality but definitely don’t break the bank.

-L’Oréal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara €10.49

-Clinique Lipstick in the shade ‘Water-Melon’ €16 (Price Varies)

-Rimmel London Lipstick in the shade ‘210 Coral In Gold’ €8 (Price Varies)

So they are all of the Beauty budget finds that I have found and put together for this blog post but I will for sure be doing another one of these sometime because it was a lot of fun.I hope this post helps some of you out.

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X

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