Taking A Boat Out On The Lake

Hi everyone,

The weather has been so lovely in Ireland lately. The sun has been shining and the weather has been so hot. This is such a rare occasion in Ireland and when the sun does decide to make an appearance everyone intends on making the most of it while it’s here.So yesterday evening my parents and I decided we wanted to take a boat out on the lake.We made a picnic full of nice food,packed it up and headed out to the lake. The lake we decided to go to was Lough Owel because it’s never too busy out there and it’s always nice and relaxing. We brought a boat out on the lake and we ate the picnic on the boat while we were cruising along.

The weather was really hot so it was really refreshing to be out at the lake and it’s nice to make the most of the sun while you have it. We stayed out on the boat for quite a while eating,taking photos and just generally relaxing.

We stayed out on the boat until the Sun started going down,we then came back onto shore and lay on the grass for a bit watching the rest of the sunset.It was such a lovely relaxing evening and that’s what summers all about.

What have you been up to lately now that the weather is nice?

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X

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