Spring Walk With My Mum

Hi everyone,

So yesterday the weather was beautiful and the sun was beaming in the sky so my mum and I decided to hop in the car and go for a drive to Multifarnham,This is a village about 30 minutes away from where I live.I took a few pictures while there so I thought I’d put them in a blog post and share them you because it was a lovely walk and I really enjoyed being out in the sun because Ireland isn’t known for it’s long spells of sunshine so we might aswell enjoy it while it’s here.

The first place we went to in Multi was the lake,there’s a little lake there called Lough Derravaragh so we took a stroll out there along the lake,there was actually quite a few people out there yesterday,they must have had the same idea as us and decided to go out and make the most of the sun also.So we walked along the lake for a while and took in the scenary before hopping back in the car.17761560_1014742098660633_63322709_o

We then got in the car and drove up to the Friary (Church) where my parents got married because there’s ground there which you can walk around and they’re very pretty.There’s also two bridges there which have wishing wells underneath them so my mum and I threw in a coin to make a wish.It was so quiet there in the ground which I liked because it was peaceful and calming and it was nice to just walk around without hearing any loud noises.17858394_1014742181993958_694669043_o17858620_1014742121993964_1747999053_o17858799_1014742071993969_1021612286_o

On the grounds there was also a section which had loads of signs nailed onto trees with loads of positive quotes and messages wrote on them and there was also dream catchers hung up on a hut and it all looked so cute.There was also a section which had loads of stones painted different colours and there was loads of positive words wrote on them.I really liked all of the positive vibes that this represented.

It’s nice to get out of your own area every now and then to go for a walk or drive to relax and take some time out of everything else.I really enjoyed this walk with my mum yesterday:)

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X

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  1. May 10, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    This arltcie keeps it real, no doubt.

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