Her success is not your failure!

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is actually something that I’m quite passionate about.I strongly believe in the sayings “Build each other up instead of tearing each other down” and “Her success is not your failure”.It makes me quite upset when I see other girls trying to compete with each other and do better than one another and that’s what I’m going to write a little bit about today because there should be no competition between girls,we should all want each other to succeed and be the best we can be.

In the media today there is so much comparison between female celebrities in particular and whenever I read about it,it annoys me quite a bit to be honest because how can you compare two people? Everybody is different,there are no two people the same so why do people still insist on comparing people and other people’s success.

Comparison and bad competition doesn’t only happen in the magazines though.It happens at school,work and every day life.It is genuinely disheartning to see girls in particular compete with one another and try to out do each other.

As girls we should be happy to see other girls doing well not waiting for them to trip up so you can steal the spotlight.The only person that you will be making look bad is yourself.I strongly believe in “Girl Power” and “Sister Hood” and I think that all girls should.We should never be waiting to trip someone up at the very next opportunity or trying to tear them down.

Just because someone else is doing something good or achieving something that you haven’t you should be happy for them and be glad that they’re succeeding.We should be  building other girls up not trying to tear them down.We are all special in our own ways and we all have different skills and talents so there is no need for competition or comparisons.

“You don’t need to be pretty like her,you can be pretty like you” – This quote is so pwerful and I believe every word of it.There is nothing sadder than seeing two girls appearences being compared and scrutinised.When are people going to learn that no girl is prettier than another girl.No two girls are ever going to look the same,act the same or be the same and why should they want to? Be your own person and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

So here’s some advice,be happy when you see other girls doing good and remember “Her success is not your failure”.

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X


  1. March 1, 2017 / 10:24 pm

    Amazing blog post as always 💋❤️❤️

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