Family walk in the forest

Hi everyone,

Today I went for a walk with my parents to a near by forest.It’s almost hidden away down a slip road so not many people know about it which I like because then it’s really quiet and peaceful and all you can hear is the birds chirping and twigs snapping as you walk over them.It was my dads first time to come here but my mum and I have been here once before.I really enjoy walking here,it’s so hidden away from everything and it’s just really calming.

Luckily the rain stayed away while we were walking which made the walk all that more enjoyable.My dad was trying to figure out how old a tree was but then he gave up.

There was two people walking their dogs and one of their dogs decided to follow us,Maybe he could get the scent of our dogs off us or maybe he was just nosey,I don’t know but he followed us for a little while and then he just disappeared and his owners were standing around waiting for him.It was quite funny.

Overall we had a really nice day of walking and taking pictures.When we first started walking my mum said it was cold but by the time we were finished we all had rosy cheeks.

Thanks for reading,

Ciara X

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